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7 Steps For Tossing Pizza Dough
If you'd like to learn to throw and spin pizza dough, you must ready your dough, apply flour on the dough and then form it, elevate the pizza dough in the right way and begin turning it, turn the dough speedily as soon as it becomes thinner, toss the pizza dough while using the spinning procedure, carefully receive the dough and do not stop rotating, and set the pizza dough and put it in the oven

Restaurateurs take on new challenge with pizza cafe
Jay Totty and Jessica Greene were busy writing checks, directing workers and answering questions Tuesday as they rushed to open their new Ted's Most Best pizza and sandwich cafe on West Washington Street.

Johnson: 'Pizza Man' may not rise to challenge
The Herman Cain presidential candidacy train has been steadily gaining steam since the conservative known as the "Pizza Man" was declared the winner of the first 2012 Republican presidential debate in Greenville, S.C. last month.

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